These are the pillars of Target Zero, Our Comprehensive operational and educational program that extends all nySa trading and contracting co w.l.l projects.

Target Zero is about a safe work environment, fastering a 24/7 culture of safe behavior,?and a continual drive towards no adverse environmental impact. It also extends to?security and asset protection, ensuring that staff, project sites, client, company?information and properties are properly safeguarded.

Target Zero is cultural and global. it encourages dedication and steady attention to?those things that matter most; our people, our clients, and the communities where we?live and work.

Nysa Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L has performed project and program?delivery as well as operations and maintenance services, and we currently have?employees delivery projects within Qatar.

Target Zero Program are emphasized to employees on their first day on the job and?virtually every day throughout their careers with nySa trading and contracting co w.l.l

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