nySa was established in 2011.Our scope of activities extends to cover all aspects of electrical services to the different types of buildings such as Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Army Buildings, etc.

Small Power Installation

nySa started to install all kinds of electrical works in different types of buildings with committing to kharamaa standard’s.

Sub-Main Cubical Panels

Sub-main panels & cubic panels of different size and types have been installed by our Teams in different projects, such as the Residential Complex and the multistory buildings. These panels were installed, terminated, tested and commissioned by Our Teams and ensured by Supervisors and Engineers.

Fire Alarm System

Different type of Fire Alarm system (i.e. conventional and Addressable) have been installed by our technicians using different types of mechanically protected cables and the normal cables depending on the individual projects requirement. Also these systems are approved and certified by the Fire Fighting Department.